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NoobzVPN UK 1
  • Host:
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Valid: 7 days
  • Port: 80
  • Port TLS: 443

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Acc Remaining: 24 accounts


What is NoobzVPN?

NoobzVpn is an independent tunneling protocol that bypasses network traffic (TCP, UDP, and DNS) with a wide-custom payload and flexibility.

How is work ?

Like other VPN this app just bypass network traffic like tcp,udp including dns. with wide-custom payload and more flexibility. unlike openvpn / ssh tunnel using Concurrent Transport, we use Multiplex Transport (like shadowsock) model with more flexibility to custom Transport model. :)

Tunneling :

  • Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6
  • All TCP, UDP, DNS

Transport :

  • Dual-Stack IPv4/IPv6
  • TCP plain & SSL (HTTP/WebSocket/Direct/Etc, custom with your own :p)
  • UDP (QUIC/DNS/Etc) ? #comming_soon, we not include it yet. because very poor in my test. but we keep working on it.

More info?

Visit official repository NoobzVpn-Server.

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